2006 Autocar WX64 Garbage Truck for Sale with Heil 30yd Side Loader Trash Body
Year: 2006 Mileage: 153,528
Chassis Make: Autocar Engine: Cummins ISM 320HP
Chassis Model: WX64 Xpeditor Transmission: Allison 4500RDS
Category: Side Loaders Front Axle: 20,000
Body Make: Heil Rear Axle: 40,000
Body Model: Rapid Rail Stock #: SL770850
Body Capacity: 30yd Price: Sold
2001 Peterbilt 320 Garbage Truck for Sale with Amrep 18yd Side Loader Trash Body
Side Loader
Peterbilt 320
Engine: CAT 3126 224HP
Trans: Allison MD3560P
Body: Amrep AMOCASLTPO-16
Capacity: 18yd
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2007 GMC T7500 with Heil Retriever Satellite 10 Yard Side Loader Garbage Truck
Side Loader
GMC T7500
Engine: Isuzu 6HK1X 7.8L 235HP
Trans: Allison 2500RDS
Body: Heil Retriever Satellite RT-10
Capacity: 10yd
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2006 Autocar Garbage Truck for Sale with Bridgeport Side Loader Trash Body
Side Loader
Autocar WX64
Engine: Cummins ISL 330HP
Trans: Allison 4500RDS
Body: Bridgeport Ranger
Capacity: 32yd
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