2005 Autocar WXLL64 Garbage Truck for Sale with Amrep Front Loader Trash Body
Year: 2005 Mileage: 57,216
Chassis Make: Autocar Engine: Cummins ISL 310HP
Chassis Model: WXLL64 Xpeditor Transmission: Allison 4500RDS
Category: Front Loaders Front Axle: 20,000
Body Make: Amrep Rear Axle: 40,000
Body Model: AMOCFLPO-21 Stock #: FL740521
Body Capacity: 40yd Price: Sold

DPF Retrofit, CARB Compliant, OK for use in California

2002 Volvo CNG Garbage Truck for Sale with Heil 40yd Front Loader Trash Body
Front Loader
Volvo WXLL64 Xpeditor
Engine: Cummins 8.3G+ CNG 280HP
Trans: Allison HD4560P
Body: Heil DuraPack
Capacity: 40yd
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2008 Autocar Xpeditor with Heil 40 Yard Front Loader Garbage Truck for Sale
Front Loader
Autocar Xpeditor
Engine: Cummins ISL 345HP
Trans: Allison 4500RDS
Body: Heil Half/Pack
Capacity: 40yd
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2007 Peterbilt 320 Garbage Truck for Sale with New Way Mammoth Front Loader
Front Loader
Peterbilt 320
Engine: Cummins ISM 320HP
Trans: Allison 4500RDS
Body: New Way Mammoth
Capacity: 40yd
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