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Some Good Reasons To Buy a Used Street Sweeper

In recent times, the handling of waste produced by an ever growing global population has become a challenge for towns and cities around the world. This trend is providing a great opportunity for those who are in the street sweeping business to expand their current operations and for those who are looking to enter the street sweeping industry. One significant advantage about the sweeping industry is that it is not prone to recession like other industries because the service of keeping our streets and neighborhoods clean and sanitary is a basic human need which will never diminish.

If you decide to expand your existing sweeping business or are looking to start and new venture within this lucrative industry, then you must decide what type of street sweeper trucks to purchase for your business. You should consider the brand and model of sweeper based on the type of sweeping you plan on doing. For example, light duty street sweeping can be accomplished with an air street sweeper while heavier duty applications such as construction site sweeping will require a more robust mechanical broom sweeper.

Whether you decide to purchase an air sweeper or broom sweeper, it is advisable to invest in a good used street sweeper rather than purchasing a new one because of the high cost of brand new sweepers. A quality used street sweeper can be bought for a fraction of the price of a new one and will provide the same high level of performance.

Here are some advantages of buying used street sweeper trucks for your sweeping business:

•Cost Effectiveness

When you compare the prices of used street sweeper trucks with brand new ones, you will find a significant difference in price which means you can buy more sweeper trucks with the same amount of investment. Operating more sweeper trucks leads to more business, and therefore higher profits for your business.

•Relief from Taxes

The tax on the purchase of new sweeper trucks is definitely going to be higher compared to pre-owned vehicles due to their relatively higher purchase price as well as the dreaded Federal Excise Tax (FET) which is levied on new truck and equipment purchases. Why pay so much more in taxes to the government when this money can be used to expand your own business?

•Lower Loan and Interest Payments

The lower cost of purchasing used street sweeper trucks will generally require a lower loan amount, which means less of a burden on your monthly loan payment.
Lower monthly loan payments will free additional capital for your operation and help increase your cash flow which is always a good thing. Qualifying for a loan is also easier with a used sweeper given the lower purchase price. This is especially important for start-up businesses that are looking to purchase their first street sweeper.

•Lower Cost of Maintenance

Commercial and vocational trucks have become more mechanically complicated than ever due to stringent emission and environmental laws and regulations. As a result, new trucks are jam packed with complicated electronics and emission devices that have made them both expensive and difficult to service. As a result of these changes, dependability has also become a major concern with newer vehicles. All of these concerns can easily be avoided by opting to purchase quality used street sweepers that are engineered with proven designs and technologies.

•Quality Trucks & Equipment

The highest quality used sweeper trucks can generally be found for sale by reputable dealers who specialize in these types of vehicles. The vehicles they have to offer are typically well maintained low mileage street sweepers that are thoroughly inspected and in some cases are completely refurbished by teams of expert mechanics and technicians. By purchasing a used street sweeper from a trusted dealer, you are ensured that the sweeper truck you are buying is of the highest quality and will serve you well for many years to come.

•Less Depreciation

The moment you drive a new street sweeper off of the dealership lot, its value drops immediately much like a new automobile. It makes prudent financial sense to purchase a lightly used sweeper that has depreciated in price substantially but still offers the same high performance as a new sweeper.

•Top Brands within Your Budget

All of the top brands of sweepers can be found on the second hand market. Trusted brands such as Elgin, Tymco, Schwarze, Johnston and Athey-Mobil are all available for purchase at prices that can’t be beat for the level of quality equipment you are getting. Legendary models like the Elgin Eagle, Elgin Broom Bear, Elgin Crosswind, Tymco 600, Schwarze M6000, Schwarze A7000, Athey-Mobil Top Gun and Athey-Mobil Patriot are available for purchase both from private sellers as well as licensed dealers. Alternative fuel vehicles such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered and Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) powered sweepers are also available for those looking to help the environment and save money on fuel costs in the process.

As you can see, investing in used street sweepers is a value proposition that should be seriously considered the next time you are in the market for a street sweeper. 

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